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Why I write articles on ScaleUps

Over the past years I’ve grown increasingly interested in the possibilities of a systematic approach to scaling businesses.

The purpose of these articles is to bring the best and most practical scientific research to entrepreneurs in an easily readable and attainable format. I have a background as a serial entrepreneur and angel investor for the last 2o years. I have gone through all the critical phases of the entrepreneurial journey from initial idea to taking companies public. In recent years I have taken a very serious interest in researching the systematic and trainable skills of entrepreneurship and decision making. From 2014 to 2017 I was conducting resaerch and writing on my PhD thesis at Stockholm University. Through this position I was in touch with the leading researchers in this field in the world. It is my hope that these articles can help bring the work of the academic world closer to ambitous entrepreneurs and contribute to the flourishing of great companies to the benefit of all of us. Welcome!